Make your own door.

Over the years I’ve had young artists and designers ask “How did you get to do so much cool stuff in your career?” To that, I respond “I wanted to make cool stuff so I just started doing it. I didn’t wait for someone to open a door and invite me in, I kicked a hole in the wall and made my own door.” Once people saw, they wanted some or joined me in the process.

Squad19 has always been a collaborative effort. Bouncing off other like-minded individuals in a bastardized exquisite corpse style process produced posters unique to what was happening back in the day as the majority of poster art was being created by individuals, not teams. That was no accident, it was my plan all along and continues to this day. That method helped train us all to let go of our artistic egos and (I believe) elevated our individual creative efforts outside of Squad19 at the same time. Point being, if you're young and fresh to the creative industry, make your own opportunities. Always be driving yourself to create. If you wait for someone to give you an assignment before you feel you can flex your creative muscle, you're going to be waiting a very long time and weak if it ever happens. - Tenebrini