Over the years Squad19 has orchestrated a number of group art initiatives to support the community. Our mission is to use our creative powers for good, to help make the world a better place and to inspire youth to pursue their dreams. 

Squad19 Skateboards (2017 - Present) Supporting youth and enabling them increased access to the sport of skateboarding through our support of local skateboarding non-profit organization Be A Boarder.

Toys in the Attic (2008 - 2011) Group gallery show and toy drive in support of Toys 4 Tots.

Fuel (2011 and 2012) - Group gallery shows/food drive supporting Second Harvest Heartland.

This Side Up (2006) - Group gallery show and book in support of the homeless. These 46 artists came together to help the homeless with 104 unique pieces of art on cardboard. - FERG, Punchgut, Darin Shields, GUYBURWELL, Christopher Lands, Tanxxx, Kerry Talbott, Adam Turman, Tim Hall(Ripper1331), Bobby Dixon, Michael Canich, John Perry, Casey Burns, Jeremy Boyd, Lonny Unitus, Ed Curran, Clinton Reno, S.Blake, Ravi Blevins, Allan Lorde, Ryan Walker, Drew Millward Luke Drozd, Dan Knapp, Keeley Carrigan(BlooEmpire), Mike Lawton, Ben Yolton, Rob Choi, Klutch, Jeral Tidwell, Derek Laplante, Steve Tenebrini, Michael M. Motorcycle, Giovanni de Reus Nick Rhodes, Adam Swinbourne, Magnus Larsson, Wesley Mitchell, David K. Rose, Scott Mayo, Brian Phillips(Phoondaddy), James Callahan, Jim Mazza, Chiba Wes, David Buschermohle.

The book was put together to preserve their vision and carry on their efforts. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be put towards aiding the homeless.

You can purchase the book by clicking this link.