S19 reSK8

S19 reSK8 is the process of obtaining used but rideable skateboards, stripping them down, cleaning them up, applying some fresh artwork and redistributing them to some kids who might otherwise not afford the opportunity to skate.

One Used but still rideable decks donated by kind individuals are stripped of their thrashed stickers and paint.

Sanded clean these decks are ready to have some fresh graphics applied. Screen printed by hand like they did in the olden days, we use this as an opportunity to hone our skills while helping others enter the wonderful world of skateboarding.

Almost a freshie! Some of these boards are cleaning up real nice and almost look brand new.

Currently, we're dropping finished decks off at 3rd Lair where they are then being donated via Be A Boarder locally. 

We're just getting started. If you've got any used but rideable decks you'd like to throw on the pile please shoot us an email or message us on one of our social media accounts and we'll figure out how to get connected. 

Keep pushin'!