Squad19 Crew is a Flow sponsorship which includes special discounts and free gear. In exchange, the sponsored skater is required to help promote the Squad19 brand through social media in the form of skate video clips and/or photos. The sponsored rider is also asked to tag Squad19 (@squad19mpls #squad19 #squad19mpls #squad19skateboards) in any relevant skate related material posted to their Instagram account. S19 Crew skaters are required to include @squad19mpls in their Instagram bio and to post/send 2 to 4 clips/photos a month in order to keep their sponsorship. Skaters who don't hold to the requirements will be released. Sponsorship is an "at will" agreement and can be terminated at any time by either party.

At Squad19, we give everyone with passion a chance to work with us.
As with any company, promotion and growth are our goals so, we're committed to people that have a passion for our brand regardless of their skill level. We regularly receive requests for sponsorships and because sponsoring a skater is a big investment for a small skateboard company, we have to be careful how much free product we flow to riders. With all this in mind, we've modeled our sponsorship based on industry standards and varying skill levels.

Applying for a Sponsorship
Often it is not necessary to ask for sponsorships, if you’ve got what it takes, we will find you. Remember that only a few people get sponsored, however, if you are interested, please email info@squad19.com and provide the following; 
    • Name, address, city and age. (Skaters under the age of 16 require adult consent)
    • tell us about your likes and dislikes
    • your skating history
    • your Instagram and YouTube account names and how many followers
    • why you think we should sponsor you
    • how you think you will help promote us
    • how many times a week you post
    • what are your skating goals?
Please email applications to info@squad19.com